Grade 4 Room 49

Welcome to Grade 4 – Ms. Zodda - Room 49


Suggested Supplies for 4th Grade:

Supply Checklist:


£ 4 Single Subject Notebooks

*Reading/Writing (Blue) *Social Studies (Green)

*Math (Red or Orange)

*Science (Purple)

£ 5 Pocket Folders

*Reading (Blue) *Social Studies (Green)

*Math (Red or Orange) *Spelling (Yellow)

*Science (Purple)

£Number 2 Wooden Pencils (8-12) and erases (3 large)

£Blue or Green Pen (*You’ll be correcting a great deal of your own practice work.)

£ 12 Pack Colored Pencils (*Please do not buy a larger amount of colored pencils or


£ 16 Count Crayons crayon.png

£ Glue Sticks

£ 1 pair of scissors scissors.png

£ 12” ruler

£Zippered Pouch (*Please be sure it is large enough to hold your materials and can easily be zipped closed.)

£An Elementary Math Dictionary (Scholastic or Barnes & Noble)

Wish List (Optional): Classroom Supplies: tissues, extra pencils, paper towels, antibacterial hand soap, Clorox Wipes